May 27, 2017

Estate Planning & Probate in Delaware County

The most important part of any estate plan is not the drafting of a document or the transfer of an asset; it’s achieving the goals you want to achieve with your plan. That’s why, when you sit down with an estate planning lawyer at Halligan & Keaton, we don’t begin with pre-printed forms — we begin with a conversation.

There may be several ways to meet your goal. Once we understand what is most important to you, we can advise you which option will best fit your specific needs while working within your budget.

What are your goals?

  • To transfer assets to your heirs while paying a minimum in estate tax? We can talk to you about the pros and cons of various types of wills and trusts, including revocable and irrevocable trusts and life insurance trusts.
  • To ensure care for minor children? We can assist you in naming a guardian for your child and/or setting up a trust and naming a trustee to manage your assets on behalf of your child.
  • To plan for nursing home care or pay for medical needs? A special needs trust is often the best option to allow an elderly or disabled person to leverage Medicaid funds for nursing home care while paying for living expenses and other medical costs.
  • To care for a family member with Alzheimer’s or other incapacitating conditions? We can help you establish guardianship or conservatorship over your family member so you can make medical and/or financial decisions.
  • To inform your loved ones about the kind of medical care you want to receive at end of life? If you’ve suffered a catastrophic injury, your loved ones will face the most difficult decision of their lives — whether to approve extraordinary medical care or allow your life to end. A living will, or advance medical directive, provides guidance to help them make that decision.
  • To transfer ownership of a family business? We can help you consider the various ways a business can be transferred from one generation to the next with business succession planning.

Probate and Estate Administration

If you have been named the executor or administrator of an estate, you now have a legal duty to that estate’s heirs and beneficiaries. You can be held personally liable for errors and underpayments in the estate. By working with a Pennsylvania probate attorney at Halligan & Keaton, you will have the guidance and support of experienced legal professionals on your side.

We can handle every aspect of Pennsylvania probate, from filing tax forms to handling the sale of a home. This full-service approach is particularly helpful for out-of-state executors responsible for the disposal of an ancillary estate.

Are you worried that conflicts among beneficiaries may make it difficult to probate the estate? Probate attorney Bill Halligan has mediated hundreds of probate conflicts.

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