November 22, 2017

Family Caregiver Employment Contracts – A Good Idea for Your Family?

Estate Planning Legal Advice in Pennsylvania

Each year, an estimated $375 billion in free care is provided to family members by another family member. At the same time, tensions within families can arise due to unequal financial and direct-care contributions to family members no longer able to fully care for themselves. These common challenges have led to an increase in the use and acceptability of family caregiver agreements.

If you have questions regarding the drafting of a family caregiver employment contract in Pennsylvania, contact a lawyer at The Law Offices of Halligan & Keaton in Media. Our attorney team focuses on the two legal areas that most directly affect family caregiver agreements: estate planning law and business and contract law.

We enjoy working directly with families to determine their concerns and solve challenges. Upon meeting with you and other members of your family (if desired) we can draft a contract that addresses the full range of issues that family member/family member employment contract can entail.

If you or your child are considering providing or receiving care, consider drafting a family caregiver employment contract. These agreements:

  • Lessen tension within families and between the caregiver and care receiver
  • Can hasten Medicaid payments by moving eligibility dates forward
  • Allow monies to remain within your family
  • Allow care to remain in your family. Very often, individuals in need would strongly prefer receiving care from a devoted family member.

To learn more about family caregiver employment contracts and for sound legal assistance from a firm providing estate planning and business law services in southeastern Pennsylvania for more than 40 years, contact The Law Offices of Halligan & Keaton either online or by calling 610-566-6030.