November 22, 2017

Seek Out a Specialist

The modern economy is forcing everyone to specialize. Whether you’re an accountant, building contractor, engineer or work in sales, over the years you have probably found a niche that serves you and your employer or customers well. You provide more value because of that specialized knowledge and the skills you’ve developed. The same is true with practicing law.

Our Focused Law Practice

We are specialists who focus on a few practice areas: elder law, estate planning, guardianships, business succession, probate and estate administration. That frees us to concentrate on these issues, learn about the applicable laws and procedures, so we can practice in these areas of law, and serve our clients well.

Whatever particular issue you’re facing, because we specialize our legal practice, and our many years of experience, chances are very good we’ve helped other clients (possibly many other clients) in the past with the same issue.

As laws and legal decisions become more numerous and complex, it makes sense for attorneys to specialize and for clients to seek out legal specialists. Developing expertise makes us more efficient and less likely to make mistakes. We know what the potential obstacles are and possible ways around them or through them. We know what questions to ask of clients so we can determine the relevant facts and help clients reach their goals.

There are many competent attorneys who practice law in a number of legal areas. You may have used an attorney for a personal injury or real estate matter. As satisfied as you may be with the outcome, you may not want to go back to that attorney for estate planning help. They are completely different areas of law. When your hard earned assets and future are at issue, you don’t want to retain the services of an attorney who will learn by doing.

Estate Planning Attorneys Halligan & Keaton

For example, an attorney who is not familiar with all the potential tax, medical care and probate issues involved in estate planning may not ask you all the right questions to come up with the proper plan that truly fits your needs. Without a deep knowledge of the applicable laws, there may be unintended tax consequences. If not executed properly, a will may be subject to a challenge in the probate process.

You may think it’s simpler and easier to work with an attorney you’re familiar with, but the end result may be far more expensive and take much more time and energy than it should, and the end result may not be what you want.

If you need help with issues involving elder law, estate planning, guardianships, business succession, probate or estate administration, get the help of a specialist. Contact our office for a free consultation.