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Get to Know The Law Offices of Halligan & Keaton

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Our Main Office Location at 21 W Front Street in Media,PA just one block from the courthouse

Personalized, caring and compassionate service is a hallmark of our firm. We’re here to help. We offer a free initial consultation.


The first time someone is called upon to administer an Estate, it is a challenge because it is something they have never done before. It helps to work with Halligan & Keaton, someone who can help you through the process and someone you can put your trust in.

“What we do is extremely important. People come to us with an estate at a time of grief and uncertainty. We take the burden off of them. We solve problems.” — Bill Halligan

“I sincerely enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to interact with clients. Understanding that end of life issues raise so many emotions in clients – grief, concern, stress, confusion – I strive to bring an empathetic as well as a sympathetic approach to my clients’ needs.” — Selaine Keaton

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